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More Tantalizing Assignments

11. Porn Story Time
The loser has to buy an XXX-rated magazine or book and look at it with the winner, reading articles out loud at winner's request.

12. On Location
The loser has to have sex in the unusual location of the winner's choice. A sleazy motel room at lunchtime, the office, the bathroom of an airplane have all been popular choices.

13. Merry Maid
The loser has to perform a household chore of the winner's choice, such as mopping floor, cleaning garage, etc. Attire may be specified by winner.

14. Exhibition Match
Loser has to let the winner watch him or her masturbate to orgasm. Winner gets to orchestrate details such as location, attire, etc.

15. Bad Boy/Bad Girl
The winner spanks the loser. Hand? Hairbrush? Sweet little riding crop? Winner's choice. Can be reversed.

16. Close Shave
Loser shaves her pubic hair — or winner does it instead.

17. Oral Cravings
The loser performs oral sex on the winner for the duration specified in the bet (or until the winner gives up).

18. Sex Slave
The loser has to be the winner's sex slave for a specified duration, following all instructions without complaint.
Elements from other penalties can be combined in this lollapalooza of a penalty.

19. Phone Sex
At a prearranged time, the loser calls the winner and talks dirty as both masturbate to orgasm.
This is great for business trips.

20. My Baby She Wrote Me a Letter
The loser has to write the winner a letter, describing what he or she most enjoys about the other sexually or detailing some future sexual encounter he or she would enjoy.



Suggested Penalties for sex game

1. Need to Be Kneaded
The winner gets a full-body massage with oil. Do it like the professionals do: back, buttocks, legs and feet, chest and abdomen, arms, neck, scalp and face. Low lights, relaxing music a plus.

2. Feet First
The winner gets a foot soak in warm water spiked with bath salts or aromatherapy extracts, then a massage with lotion. Glass of wine optional.

3. The Life
The loser prepares breakfast, lunch, or dinner and serves the winner in bed. Waiter/waitress attire specified by winner. Hand-feeding optional.

4. Hooker's Hydrotherapy
The loser gives the winner a bath and shampoo by candlelight, complete with music in the background and hot fluffy towels fresh from the dryer.
Don't miss those hard-to-reach areas.

5. Prisoner of Love
The winner gets to tie the loser to the bedposts in whatever attire or lack of attire he or she specifies. If you have no handcuffs or other high-tech apparatus, men's neckties work well for this purpose. From there, the winner's whims are in control, but it is best to lay out the plan in advance. Blindfold optional. Some may choose to reverse this one: Winner gets tied up and can either give loser instructions or enjoy the suspense.

6. Hank and Helen's Mystery Date
The loser has to wear whatever the winner says and go with the winner on whatever outing he or she specifies. This can be used either for titillation purposes (no underwear at the PTA meeting) or to get your partner to whatever movie, restaurant, or cultural or sports event you've been trying to talk him/her into forever. Or both.

7. The Late Show
The loser has to rent an X-rated video to watch together. Popcorn will probably be unnecessary. If you can't bring yourself to go to the adult-video store, 9 1/2 Weeks is always a possibility.

8. Shopping <st1place>Spree</st1place>
Loser must select and buy a sex toy, sex aid, or lingerie item. Mail order is okay. This one can be modified so that the winner gets to choose the toy and the loser just has to use it, wear it, or whatever.

9. Unrestricted Access
The loser must be available to drop everything and have sex at the winner's request at any time during a preset period, usually a day, an evening, or — this is serious — a whole weekend.

10. Fantasy Story Time
The loser has to tell the winner a sexual fantasy or story. Winner can specify guidelines, such as where the story is told and whether/where he or she would like to be caressed during the telling.



Learn From the Pros

"Hank and I most often bet for oral sex, but we always designate a specific time-length for it," Helen told me a few weeks after the Chiefs-Steelers game, once I had started down the primrose path and wanted more advice. "That time-length might be 30 minutes — which, obviously, can be a challenge for both participants. Or you bet on a second game for double or nothing, and end up with an hour-long session. Let me tell you, this requires a certain level of creativity in execution."

I've learned a lot from Hank and Helen, creativity-wise. They once bet on a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. When the Eagles actually beat the Cowboys, Helen had to wear "whatever Hank said, wherever he said." His chosen outfit was a man's torn white oxford shirt with nothing on underneath it, black stockings, and spike-heeled sandals, worn to a local diner for breakfast. "I don't think we made it home after the meal," reports Helen. "It was one of those 'in the car, in a parking lot' things."

Karen and Mitch, another couple who are in on the action, favor slavery. "For the chosen time period, the slave has to do whatever the master says," explains Karen, "whether it's sexual favors, cleaning out the attic, washing the floors in a bustier and garter belt — which of course leads to sexual favors — or whatever. You can send the loser for takeout, have him polish your toenails, even vacuum your car." My husband and I, shy at first about playing for any of the racier penalties, picked up on the slavery idea. But once he'd cleaned the garage after a World Series game and I had straightened his desk thanks to a bad showing by Tiger Woods, we mustered the nerve to move our enslavement to the bedroom.

When the <st1place><st1placetype>University</st1placetype> of <st1placename>Maryland</st1placename></st1place> basketball team lost to Duke, my slave found himself with this assignment: He had to tie me to the bedposts and devote 25 minutes to playing with my breasts while telling me a sexual fantasy that featured us as the main characters. (We both lived happily ever after.)

Surely by now you're ready to try it. Whether you want your medicine cabinet reorganized or your nipples teased with an ostrich feather, it's time to play ball. And you'll soon find out the truth of what Helen told me about this game the first time we talked about it: There really are no losers.



Rules of the new sex Game

It doesn't have to be football, no sirree. Basketball, baseball, golf, soccer — whatever sport he's watching can get the ball rolling all the way to your bedroom. All you do is select a contest and make a bet on the outcome. Hockey season? You pick the Philadelphia Flyers, he picks the Boston Bruins. <st1place>Wimbledon</st1place>? You take Pete Sampras, he gets Andre Agassi. Or vice versa. Once sides have been taken, each person chooses the bounty he or she will claim from the penalty list. One spouse's reward is the other's penalty, but as Helen pointed out, it often feels as though you're winning either way.

You each can pick a different penalty, or you can have the same stake. In some cases, the final score determines the length of the penalty — for example, if your pick wins by 20 points, you get a 20-minute massage. (For games that are typically close, you should agree on a duration beforehand, since a two-minute rubdown won't do much for anybody.)

Once you get going, you'll find the wagering-for-nookie idea infinitely extendable. If there's nothing on TV, for instance, the premise works just as well with Scrabble and other scoring-based table games (though the last time my husband beat me by 80 points in Scrabble, I found myself pretty busy for quite a while). You can bet on election results, the correct spelling of a word, or how much the neighbors will get for their house.

You may be very surprised by the penalties your partner selects, even if you think you know what he likes in bed. (Who knew he wanted to be the one wearing the French-maid uniform?) But this is one of the ways this game can change things between you for the better. It opens the door to a much freer, much wilder kind of communication than you've had before.



New Sex Game review

Some women actually like watching sports on television, and in recent years, I've become one of them. I used to be an archetypal sports widow who didn't know the difference between Deion Sanders and Dennis Rodman, but now I've fallen madly in love with the NFL and the NBA, not to mention the PGA, the NHL, the NCAA, and MLB. It's not the thrill of victory (or the agony of defeat, for that matter) that excites me. It's the connection between pro sports, gambling, and torrid sex.Don't get me wrong: I'm not talking about anything illegal, or even immoral. I'm talking about a wholesome family game you can play at home with your partner. (Well, not that wholesome. But to take a line from Rodman himself, "It's only as bad as you wanna be.") The gambling is strictly between you and your mate, and the pro sports are on your very own TV set. Click below to find out more.



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